Charley & Crace



Charley and Grace is a young fully in love couple from United States dreaming that their wedding should be definitely in Greece, even if they hadn’t visited the country before and had seen its beauties only in pictures.

Unfortunately Grace’s mother, due to a serious health problem, was not able to travel, so the couple was married in the Municipality of Tulsa In United States and as they were so fond on be married in Greece they also got married in Crete having Grace’s mother participating through Skype from U.S.A.

Their dream became true by the help of technology and Glam Events organized the most spectacular wedding they had dreamt: beside the picturesque Cretan sea under a spangled wooden arch, they said their vows again and they offered their wedding rings.

They lived unforgettable moments and the professional photographer kept all the emotions in order to offer them to the couple in a unique photo-album of memories.

After the wedding ceremony, they hosted their guests in an idyllically restaurant on the beautiful Cretan beach.

Glam Events wish them to be always as happy as they were in their wedding day and we’ll be at their disposal and really glad to organize unique events in their future special moments.