Frequently asked questions

What is happening in case of date change or cancellation of the wedding?

In case of date change there is an extra charge of 50 euros and of course we have to be informed promptly for that. In case of cancellation the deposit is not refundable, unfortunately

How long before the wedding date do we have to make the booking? How soon do you need the appropriate documents?

It would be advisable to book your wedding at least 45-60 days earlier, so weíll have adequate time to check and translate your documents (if they are not translated already) as well as to book the venues for the ceremony and the reception.

How long do we have to remain in Greece for the completion of the appropriate procedures?

You should be in Greece at least 3 days prior to the wedding day in order to sign your application and to go through together all the final details for your wedding. After the wedding, you should stay at least 2 days more in order to give you the official document of the wedding (in Greek).

What are the necessary documents that are needed for the wedding?

You should inform us about the kind of wedding you want to have (civil, orthodox, catholic, etc) as well as the country of your origin and we inform you fully by email. Donít worry though, more or less youíll need the same documents that youíll need in your country

Can we ask a specific time of the day and location for the completion of a civil ceremony?

Yes, we can arrange for the completion of your wedding ceremony the time and place you have chosen if of course there is availability of the place and the mayorís schedule is free at that time. The soonest you book your wedding the better it is.

Who is going to carry out our wedding?

Civil weddings in Greece are executed by the responsible vice mayor or secretary of the municipality, there will be a translator by us during the whole process of the ceremony.

Do we need witnesses for the wedding? If we are just the two of us, what we should do?

Two witnesses are needed for the completion of the wedding, In case you cannot have them, our office takes care of that without any additional cost.

How do we book the wedding? What is the procedure afterwards? How do we pay?

First we communicate through mails for your requests and needs, we agree for your custom made wedding package and afterwards we send you an event agreement with everything we have agreed including the costs. You deposit 30% of the total amount in advance. After that, we send you a time schedule of every detail, what you need to do before your arrival in Crete and for the dates we want your documents. When you arrive we arrange an appointment in order to know each other and go through everything we have said. We visit the venues of the ceremony and the reception together and we finalize all the last details. At that point we close your bill with the rest 70% of the total amount. PS. After the first package agreement we can make alterations that you may have thought later, and we sign new agreement with your new requests.